Ecommerce Cloud Solution

Adapt to a large business scale and meet the rapid growth of business

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Ecommerce Cloud Solution
Let your website grow and shrink with demand.

Challenges Faced by Ecommerce

Ecommerce businesses face many challenges when growing their businesses,imagining your marketing promotion or influencer campaigns on Black Friday resulted in a large and dramatic increase in visitors to your website. Your website needs to react accordingly and automatically scale to cater to that valuable surge in traffic.

Ecommerce Cloud Solution architecture

HOSTNIX Cloud offers an ecommerce cloud computing solution to small and large businesses that want a flexible, secured, highly scalable, and low-cost solution for online sales and retailing. Comparing to traditional IT architecture, your infrastructure is always right-sized, scaling out with demand, and scaling back as soon as that demand subsides, keeping your costs to a minimum and save at list 70% cost while your performance stays blazing fast.

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Advantages of Ecommerce Cloud

  • We'll support you

    365 days 7*24 hours maintenance service, providing professional environment management, Proactive monitoring, Real-time Support and intimate service.

  • Backup for all Data

    Efficient and convenient real-time backup function, user-defined backup events, one-click backup through the console, .

  • Unlimited predictive auto-scaling

    Black Friday resulted in a large and dramatic increase in visitors to your website. HOSTNIX Cloud technology keeps page load times consistent, and websites fast and available, regardless of the increasing traffic volume.

  • 10Gbps Network

    Cloud server cluster equipped with 10 Gigabit network, which can easily handle the surge of traffic. And enjoy free hard defense services, effectively defend against DDoS attacks, and ensure the stability and security of the user network.

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